FTalks ‘21 Food Summit

Thank you KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub for letting me ramble on non stop about all the things I love for in a shared a roundtable discussion on “The Biodiverse Diet: from the field to the table”, as part of the FTalks ‘21 Food Summit. Fernando Martínez did an amazing job moderating us and I learned so much from the other participants; Ana González Nieto from Biogran, Rosario Montaner from Idai Nature and Barbara Mogas from Danone. 

From the very beginning, Natruly and I have shared the goal of changing the world through what we eat, and we are proud to see today the results of the work of companies like ours, facing different on-the-rise challenges such as sustainability, the economy, new generations of products, personalized nutrition and even regenerative agriculture in the food industry. 

I am convinced that events such as the FTalks ‘21 Food Summit are key to shaping the future of the food industry. Talking, learning and discussing the future and alternatives of conventional food, which are ecological, sustainable and nutritious, is a huge step in creating a healthier world.