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Niklas Gustafson


I am Niklas Gustafson, a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. When I was a child, the doctors discovered that I had celiac disease. Since there were not many gluten-free alternatives at this time, I began to experiment in the kitchen.

I am currently an expert in Dietetics and Human Nutrition, and the founder of the Natruly company. I am the author of a book that collects what I have learned over the years to live a better and longer life.

A word from me,

I am excited to share my journey with you as we make the world a healthier – and happier – place together!

Join me on my website, mailing list and on my social media where I will help you listen to your body and understand food in a different way.

You will find delicious recipes and simple tricks that make your diet healthier, but also, through my experience, I will try to explain the benefits of playing sports or the importance of resting. I will also reveal the deceptions of the food industry and explain false myths about food.


What will you get?

News and updates to feel your best!

About my book and the Gustafson Health Foundation. Weekly recipe publications. News and information about my talks and challenges. Various lifestyle, nutrition and collaborating publications.

My Free Ebook "Listen To Your Body: 12 Recipes For Optimal Living Through Nourishing, Natural Foods."

Including a guide on breaking away from diet culture and understanding the pillars of my lifestyle with exclusive, unpublished recipes.

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Check out this video about what real food means to me.

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"Listen to your body: 12 recipes for optimal living through nourishing, natural foods."