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I was diagnosed with coeliac disease before I even turned one year old and only after months of tests and not getting any better.

Years later, it became even harder. I was 13. 

I became so fed up with the whole situation, the “feeling different” and feeling “lesser than” because I couldn’t eat the same, that I started to eat gluten behind my parents’ backs. I ate cookies and other things I shouldn’t have. Afterwards, of course, I felt horrible and I would get these tummy aches and these spots on my face. Needless to say, I started taking care of myself again and watched what I ate. I must say though that being coeliac did have some advantages. For example, I noticed my strength. I realised I could live perfectly fine without bread, pasta, cookies, and flour. 

And I learned an important lesson during that time as a young boy, which was how to read labels. I quickly learned what was good for my body and what was bad. And since there were not many gluten-free alternatives in those years, I began to experiment in the kitchen.

That was the moment I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to help others get better — naturally.

That’s why I created Natruly and the Niklas Gustafson account … to help people of all ages and stages of their health journeys live happier, healthier lives. 

To offer a natural alternative that not only changes how you choose the food you eat, but the way you eat it as well. 

I’m well aware that what killed my father at just 63 years old was sugar. I’m convinced that his addiction to sugar caused the cancer that took him away from us so soon. 

And, although my work  is much more than a war on sugar, the memory of my father gives me even more reason to continue to fight for the changes I seek.

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I am currently an expert in Dietetics and Human Nutrition, I have founded the Natruly company – before known as Natural Athlete, and I have written a book that collects what I have learned in these years to live longer, better and longer. 

That is why I want you to join me on my platforms where I will help you listen to your body and understand food in a different way. 

In this website, you will find delicious recipes and simple tricks that make your diet healthier, but also, through my experience, I will try to explain the benefits of doing sports and the importance of rest. I will also expose the hoaxes of the food industry and explain false myths about food.


Hungry for Change : Beyond the Paleo Diet

My book does not stop at the Paleo Diet and its principles. It reminds us of the importance of rest, of contact with nature, of enjoying what surrounds us again, of living responsibly. In short, it proposes a change in our lifestyle to listen to what our body asks of us and act accordingly.

Articles of Interest

A recompilation of my nutrition and lifestyle articles across the Web, from publications on the Natruly blog to collaborations with news media outlets such as ABC Bienestar, SerPadres and Hola.

My Foundation

The Gustafson Health Foundation promotes the acquisition of healthy habits in children and young people with the aim of reducing childhood obesity in Spain and Europe.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions and don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram for my latest and to share this journey from up close in live-time. Stay tuned. We’ll be in touch.