The Gustafson Health Foundation promotes the acquisition of healthy habits in children and young people with the aim of reducing childhood obesity in Spain and Europe through economical support, information and activities. We plan to do this by establishing educational and interactive programs with the best professionals in the fields of nutrition and psychology. It focuses on workshops, sport activities, events and fundraising.

Children and their families will receive support and education to create healthy eating habits and live an active lifestyle. Thus, building healthy nutrition in the family, school and community spheres. The foundation will also promote and enhance the performance of physical activity through sports, games, and recreational activities.

For several months, the foundation will sponsor three to five children who struggle with obesity, and help them achieve long-lasting habits.

During the period of sponsorship, through to various programs and aid that the foundation will provide, the child (and their family) will be able to enjoy the following activities:

  • A consultation with a pediatrician to initially understand what their medical conditions are.
  • A support team composed from nutritionists and psychologists that will work together to achieve our goals in a healthy and long-lasting way. Both the children and the rest of the family can take advantage of this group.
  • Financial support for families for groceries, basic necessities and medical needs.
  • Workshops: Healthy cooking class. By teaching the children how to cook healthy meals and the importance of being able to feed ourselves high nutrient meals we aim to achieve more independence and more conscious decisions at the time of eating at home. These workshops are going to be fun and educational.
  • A coach or a trainer that will help children find a sport the love so they can adopt a healthy habit.
  • Videos and educational programs.