Hungry for Change: Beyond the Paleo Diet

Release Date: 28th March 2022

In Hungry for Change: Beyond the Paleo Diet, Niklas Gustafson offers us a thorough and detailed explanation of all aspects of the food we eat: from the vested interests of the food industry – one of the most powerful in the world – to the disastrous consequences of consuming too many refined carbohydrates and sugars. Hungry for Change provides the key elements to help us turn away from foods that potentially do us harm and, instead, to choose the most suitable foods for our body to thrive and be as healthy as possible. To help put into practice what is essentially a revolutionary change in our eating habits, the second part of the Hungry for Change contains a wide range of recipes based on an approach to nutrition that allows us to continue to evolve through more beneficial and healthier foods for our body. Whilst being healthy, these recipes are delicious and, in most cases, simple to prepare. Although the roots of the book are found in the Paleo Diet and its principles, this book goes further. Niklas Gustafson encourages us to listen to our bodies again and understand what feels good to us, without imposing norms or rules. He reminds us of the importance of rest, of contact with nature, of re-enjoying those around us, of living in a responsible way. In short, he proposes a change in our lifestyle to help us live longer, better and happier.

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Niklas Gustafson, ‘The Natural Athlete’, declares the war on sugar in his book and tells us why your diet has the power to change your health, your life and your environment. And why the food industry is interested in you continuing to eat poorly.

ELLE Magazine

«In the first place, the change must begin with oneself, that is, you have to find a way to feel healthier and happier, and that is, in large part, the result of eating naturally, avoiding processed food, then you are ready to change the world. How? Living more sustainably, thinking more long term, respecting nature and living in harmony with it”.

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